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Research, development and final concepts for a project undertaken while at my placement at

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Final Outcome

The final outcome for this project was a pdf to send to the client (One of my managers Tom and his business partner) so they can identify the logo for the brand they want, and inspect the current colour scheme and fonts.

The pdf can be opened in a new tab here.


This project was part of my Negotiated Learning Task 1, in which I had to find a placement or a client to work for. Download the updated assessment sheet for NLT1 here.

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During my placement at, one of the projects I worked on was creating a logo and brand concepts for a business for Tom (co-managing director @ The idea was a business that hosted limited 'pop up' cinema events in Jersey, with a potential focus being on cinema events that allowed customers to watch a film in a hot tub. However, since Tom did not know if the business would be focused solely on hot tub cinema events or pop up cinema events in general, he asked that I started with more broad or general concepts.

Initial Research

When starting this project I began by researching competitors or similar businesses to see how they had branded themselves, for inspiration. All the businesses provided various kinds of pop up cinema experiences, such as hot tub cinemas, interactive experience cinemas, themed cinemas and rooftop cinemas. While researching I identified that the similar businesses could be categorized by two topics. Classy and Fun/Playful.

The 'classy' styled brands for all had a simple layout for their website with a black being used as the main colour for the website. Additionally they supplemented their websites with a subtle secondary colour. The logos for the 'classy' business often featured a neat typeface with the businesses name.

cinetub research 1 cinetub research 2 Screenshot of the 'Secret Cinema' website, with a minimal design and use of black as a main colour. Click the image to go to the website. cinetub research 3 Screenshot of 'Rooftop Movie Nights' website, also using a minimal design with black as a main colour. Click the image to go to the website. cinetub research 4 Screenshot of 'The Luna Cinema' website, using black, gold and navy as main colours. The subtle use of the matte gold creating a classy effect, because of the association of gold metal. Click the image to go to the website.

The other category of brands found for pop up cinema businesses had a 'playful/fun' feel to them, using bright colours, bold text and illustrated logos. Often these pop up cinema have themed events and alter their website based on their current theme, such as Backyard Cinema having a Miami beach themed page.

cinetub research 5 Screenshot of the 'Hottub Cinema' website, which uses a stylized font, funny logo and bright colours to create a playful and fun vibe. Click the image to go to the website. cinetub research 6 Screenshot of the 'Backyard Cinema' website, which uses bright and bold colours (red, cyan) and bold type, similar to 'Hottub Cinema.' Provides a bright an playful feel. Click the image to go to the website. cinetub research 4 Additional screenshot of 'Backyard Cinema' website, on one of their pages that displays their current themed cinema. Click the image to go to the website.

After identifying areas that I could take the logo and brand, I presented the concept to Tom to see if he had a preference of a direction to take it. He wanted to take the brand in a direction that was fun and playful. However, he informed me to still produce other styles of logos like 'classy' styled ones because his partner may differ in opinion.

Initial Brand Ideas

I listed initial ideas for brand name after researching into similar businesses, keeping the names general as I was unsure until Tom spoke to his partner if they wanted to specify or diversify their business into pop up cinema events or just hot tub cinema events. The focus on the names varied from the two types of brand I saw in research, either fun and light or minimal and classy.

cinetub sketch 1 List of concepts and ideas on brand name for the pop up cinema event business.

Following name concepts, I tried to come up with quick ideas for tone and colour scheme of both types of brand mentioned above. For a classy look, I thought of using a dark colour scheme with high contrast with a minimal style as for a classy brand or a light pastel colours scheme with use of bright colours for a more playful brands, the pastels colours representing a childlike fun. From this I sketched a couple of ideas for logos that could link with one of these brand concepts.

cinetub sketch 2 Ideas for how to brand the pop up cinema business, with colours and fonts and some additional sketches for brief logo concepts.

Continuing with ideas for names of the pop up cinema business, I listed more brand names in line with either a playful brand or classy brand. For example 'Dionysia' was a festival of greek theatre, which I thought could adequately represent the feel of a 'classy' version of the brand.

cinetub sketch 3 Further concepts for brand names for the business.

Initial Logo Sketches

After creating brand concepts (Names, colours, tone) and discussing them with Tom, he still liked the idea of moving forward with a brand that could in the future be applicable to more than just hot tub cinema events. He would need to confirm this with his partner, but for then he recommended I worked on creating ideas for a general pop up cinema and wanted me to focus on a more playful or fun brand that would entice people for an enjoyable event.

Initial sketches focused on a 'jack-in-the-box' as they 'surprise' you and pop up, which I wanted to replicate in the feeling of the brand. The head of the jack-in-the-box was made a jester, because it represented fun events. Tom then asked for me to sketch a 'party guest' for the event, which he envisioned with a snapback cap and sunglasses.

cinetub sketch 4 cinetub sketch 5 First two pages of initial logo sketches for the a pop up cinema business.

From then I focused on creating a simpler version of the jester jack-in-the box concept, which could be less convoluted, easier to recognize and easier to transfer on to multiple forms of media. After creating that, I sketched a concept of using a logo similar to a Jack from a pack of cards, to represent a 'Jack of all trades' to highlight the different kind of events the business may offer.

cinetub sketch 6 cinetub sketch 7 A further two pages of initial logo sketches for the pop up cinema business.

Initial Colour Schemes

For colour schemes I used my research as a basis for where to take the brand, since Tom liked the fun/playful brand idea but wanted to remain broader and keep a classy brand in mind I created a colour schemes for each.

The playful colour scheme uses light, bright and pastel colours to represent a fun and playful vibe. It does this because reds as a passionate and fun colour, additionally pastel colours remind people of their youth and provide positive emotions though nostalgia.

cinetub further development 1 Fun and playful colour scheme for pop up cinema brand.

The classy colour scheme uses a shade of black as a main colour, much like the research examples and uses a gold-like yellow as a secondary colour to represent gold and promote the sense of quality and class.

cinetub further development 1 Classy colour scheme for pop up cinema brand.

Illustrator Concepts

After presenting all the current concepts I had sketched to Tom, for feedback and see which idea he wanted to move further with, he decided that he liked my concept for a jack-in-the-box jester to represent the pop up business. Since he was still unsure on the focus of the business, he recommended I just work on the one concept in Illustrator until he spoke with his partner.

Using illustrator I started to develop the shape of a 'jester's' head by using the pen tool and referring to examples online. The aim was to keep the illustration simple so it would be: instantly recognizable, could be changed or adapted based on the event used and easy to transfer on to multiple forms of media. After creating the head, I worked on creating the shape of a spring to emphasize the 'pop up' nature of the business and their events. Using Gestalt theory, I arranged rectangles created using the shape tool so they looked like the coils of a spring wrapping around. After combining these elements and warping them in different angles to create a sense motion. I created examples of type that could be used with the illustration which focused on bold sans-serif fonts that represent a modern, fun and striking business.

cinetub further development 1 Illustrator development of jack-in-the-box jester logo for the pop up cinema business.

Displaying the examples of possible versions of the logo to the client (Tom), he liked keeping the spring vertical without warping to an angle and the second type which was 'Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Extra Bold Alt' as he said it "pops" out to him which they felt represented the brand well. Combining the elements that Tom preferred, I created a final version of this concept for reference.

cinetub further development 1 Final version of the jack-in-the-box jester logo, with accompanying type.

Changed Brief: Hot Tub Cinema

After a break from working on this project, Tom informed me that after speaking with his partner they wanted to focus on the business being a pop up hot tub cinema. Though he liked my previous design, he wanted to request something more specific to their new focus. The brand would now be focused on being fun or playful with having a simple and identifiable logo.

Further Sketches

After being told about their business focus, I began consulting my previous research and then working on new sketches for logos to match their new business concept. Tom wanted the link between film and hot tubs to be clear in the logo, and for it to a fun or friendly feeling. Still unsure of the name, Tom thought we should move forward with Cine-tub, but added any additional ideas would be considered

To create new concepts for logos and brand for the client I began by combining iconography that links to both key areas of the business, hot tubs and films. For example, I sketched the image of a clapper-board (Used to mark the beginning of a take during the production of a film) and then altered the sketch to look partially like a hot tub with the cover being removed, and therefore highlighting the important themes of the company.

cinetub sketch 9 The first few initial brief ideas for the newly focused 'Cine-tub'.

I continued to combine symbols and icons that represented both sides of the business together to create logo concepts, this included icons like films reels, tickets, cameras, waves, water droplets and bubbles. Additionally, I tried to identify negative space between the letters of 'Cine-tub' to see if any of the gaps were shaped similar to those icons.

cinetub sketch 10 More sketches for the concepts of logos for 'Cine-tub.'

Trying to utilize the shape and negative space of the type of 'Cine-tub', I created more concepts using negative space to create an audience in a hot tub created with the text Cine-tub and also using the 'U' in the business name as a hot tub.

cinetub sketch 11 Final couple of sketched concepts for the 'Cine-tub' logo design.

Colour Scheme

With the refocusing of the business direction, and the style of the brand I felt it was important to update the colour scheme with the new focus. Sticking with the idea of a 'playful' or 'fun' brand I used a bright striking blue as the main colour to provide a calm but fun colour that represents youth.

cinetub sketch 11 Final Cine-tub colour scheme to carry further with the brand.

Further Illustrator Development

After developing sketched concepts for Tom's newly focused Cine-tub business, he chose a couple for me to develop further in Illustrator (Clapper board hot tub, Negative space audience, 'U' hot tub type, etc) and asking me to create any other concepts that came to me while developing the others.

I started trying different typefaces I could use with the logo designs with a focus on a bold sans-serif font or a bubble style text (bubbles being linked to water and hot tubs). Using the typefaces I started to create versions of the clapper board logo, however trying to make it look like a hot tub and clapper board simultaneously provided a clunky and convoluted logo. So, the logo was changed to be a negative space utilizing clapper board with bubble text as the board itself. The water vector used in the original concept was then used to create another logo concept as a wave in the shape of a 'C' for Cine-tub.

cinetub further development 2 Development of sketches Cine-tub concepts in Illustrator.

Following on, I developed the concept of a film reel as a water droplet, representing both key aspects of the business. It was created by using the pen tool to create the shapes and then the shape builder tool to combine the objects together and remove the stroke around the circle. Similarly, I used the same tools to create the negative space audience logo, by creating the shapes of the audience and using the shape builder tool to remove them from the object behind it. An attempt was made to combine the film reel and the wave 'C', however Tom felt it was not clear enough to present. The Cine-tub type using the 'U' as hot tub, was created with a similar process by creating outlines of the type and combing the shape of the water with the 'U' with the shape builder tool. To emphasize the cinema aspect in that concept, I added a frame for the type in the style of a retro film ticket.

cinetub further development 3 Further development of Cine-tub concepts in Illustrator.

After the concepts were developed to a point the client was happy with, I isolated the latest version of each independent concept and created a new Illustrator document to place them. Showing the concepts to Tom, we picked four of them that we liked most and thought represented the brand best, to send off to Tom's partner to make the final decision.

cinetub further development 4 Isolated concepts for Cine-tub logo.

The final outcome can be seen back at the top of the page